Class Policy

Course Policy – Academic Integrity

My main objective for ESE516 is for students to learn a lot and find the class very rewarding, and useful for years to come. Therefore I have tried to make my class as enjoyable, academically rewarding, and fun as possible to engage students.

However for different motives, students might be tempted to cheat or copy (maybe time constraints, stress, or other “life happens” moments). Other times students might prefer to do incomplete work, which I also see as a shame, as it goes against my objective of making the class enjoyable and rewarding and for people to learn!

Personally, I prefer to be flexible with delivery dates if it means the students will do a good job and really learn from the work we do. I want students to really learn and not do busy work for a grade.

In this regard, if something happens in which the quality of your work is to be compromised, please first speak with me, and raise the flag as soon as possible.

However, please keep in mind that I also have to keep a schedule! I will try to be flexible, but I can only be flexible so much. Some assignment, especially the ones regarding work on board design,might be specially sensible as we need to release the board by a certain date in order to have it back in time.

Of course, the ESE516 staff will make accommodations for students that have to postpone assignments due to reasons of mayor nature such as the following:

  • Illness
  • Death in the family
  • Religious observance

Regarding your work: All work in the class must be your and your partner’s own. Any ideas, words, data, etc. that comes from third parties must be properly attributed to the author though proper citation. Of course, copying other student’s work for the class, both current and previous student’s, is strictly prohibited.

Me and the ESE516 staff have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and plagiarism. Any students that is found cheating and/or plagiarizing will receive a failing grade on the assignment, and the offense will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct. These offenses are permanent on your academic record. The Code of Academic Integrity can be found here. Violation of University Code of Academic Integrity may result in failure of the course. 

Collaboration and group work are highly  encouraged in this course.  However, any code you write, or schematics/layout done, must be your group’s own. If you work with other people and believe that by the sharing of ideas your code, please let us know in your submission!