I am interested in the class! What pre-requisites should I have?

This class assumes the following:

You have at least a basic experience in embedded systems: A class pre-requisite is ESE519 (https://ese519.seas.upenn.edu/). This (great) class teaches the concepts to develop real-time systems. If you have taken this class, you can apply for ESE516 with no problem.

If you have not seen this class, you can ask for admission as long as you have previous embedded experience. This can be:

  • Have developed embedded devices in the past (hobby, previous classes, internships).
  • Knowledge of C
  • Knows about microcontroller architecture (what is an interrupt? What are peripherals? What is bare-metal coding?)

Basic Circuit/electronics experience : This class has a hardware component to it. Prospective students should have at least basic knowledge about circuitry.

If you do not have the previous experience, it is recommended to take ESE519 first.